The Inside Mariner 3

The Inside



Home - 2's/4's/15's

Away - 1's/3's/17's



1st Grade - 5th

RM - 10/197

D. Ugle 57

J. Bracey 56


UNI - 10/254

C. Simmons 4/56

E. Botha 3/38


2nd Grade - 2nd

Match Abandoned



3rd Grade - 14th

RM -10/180

S. Guppy 43

R. O'Keefe 33*


UNI - 7/188

A. Andrews 3/26

A. Brokate 2/39


4th Grade - 5th

Match Abandoned



U15's - 8th

Match Abandoned


U17's - 11th

Match Abandoned


General News


G'Day All,


After a tough weekend passes with Round 3 and 4 games interrupted due to poor weather, it leaves us looking forward to the beginning of the two-day format against Gosnells this weekend.


As a club, the big focus this weekend is on our individual preparation and having pride in your performance. We should be looking to reflect on what has worked well for us individually and as a team thus far, and look to make the required alterations to ensure that we give ourselves every opportunity to succeed leading into the longer format.


Best of luck to all grades.


Player Profile

Name: Adam France

D.O.B: 24th January 1999

Nickname: Hooter

Self-Appointed Nickname: Ruck Dog

Best Trait: Skinfolds

Original Club: Pinjarra CC

Club Debut: 2012

Skill: Bowler

Career Best Batting: 116*

Career Best Bowling: 5/29

Cap Number: 105

Career Highlight: WA U19's

Career Lowlight: 0/90 off 10 in 1st Grade debut

Go-to Dance Move: Dab

Celebrity Crush: Mila Kunis

Club Pest: Craig Simmons

Dream Job: NBA Player

Cricketing Hero: Jason Krejza

Coach's Corner


Have a look at a few nutritional tips to think about leading into the weekend:

  • Choose foods rich in carbohydrates, include vegetables to avoid gas or bloating
  • Drink 250mL of water every 15 mins in the two hour lead up to the game (or until urine is clear)
  • Look to eat 60 mins prior to the start of warm-up to allow adequate time for digestion
  • Avoid spices such as curry, turmeric, cayenne
  • Avoid fried foods, including fried eggs and meat
  • Avoid high GI options such as soft drink, fruit juice and candy
  • Eat portions that you are accustomed to
  • Eat organic food
  • Avoid protein bars and snacks until post game.


Wishing all of the Mariner Family the best of luck going into Round 5.


Kris Kennedy